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My first car

My first real car was a baby blue 1982 ford ltd station wagon with a thundering 302 2 barrel
I loved this car and it got me through a year of school ,far more than i expected.

The monte carlo ss

I am the proud 3rd owner of a 1985 monte carlo ss. The car was purchased in NJ in 2000 and for the last few year has been going through a restoration process. The first thing that was done was the motor since the 164000 mile 305 want running at its best it was pulled and completely rebuilt honed new rings bearings(rod and main) the heades were redone and a crane powermax 2030 camshft was isntalled. There motor ran great on the rebuild except for a troublesome set of spark-plugs which somehow even though they were new grounded themselves which made for an engine miss that could not be figured out for a little while but now the engine is running great and relieving itself through flowmaster 40 series original flow mufflers.


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